Westwood Residential Locksmith Services

Our residential locksmith team is based in the area of Westwood, California and provides a comprehensive locksmith service to home owners and tenants in the area.  We can not only provide all your quality locksmith hardware, parts, accessories and security devices at reasonable prices.  We offer a first class locksmith installation and repair service to all our residential customers. 

If you would like a free consultation on your home security measures, with one of our friendly, but professional residential locksmiths and security consultants

Please just give us a call at (310) 409-1447 for a convenient appointment time when our locksmith can visit you.

Our residential locksmiths offer a range of services to fit a variety of circumstances, for example:

  • If you have just moved home, you may want to have all your locks re-keyed just in case someone else still has a key to the property, which can fall into the wrong hands.
  • If you move into a house that has a personal safe or a gun safe installed, it would be wise to have the combination changed by a professional locksmith.
  • You may want to upgrade your security measures if there have been a number of break-ins in your area.  If you need advice on the types of security measures suitable for your home, a residential locksmith can provide the information and an installation service.
  • Keys and locks are subject to wear and tear and keys can become jammed or broken in the lock.
  • Lost or stolen keys are a common problem and replacing keys and rekeying locks requires the services of a professional locksmith.
  • Building a garage or replacing a damaged door, can sometimes require you to change or upgrade the standard lock and key system.  A professional locksmith can provide information on the various options, supply the hardware and install your new locking system.

Please contact our professional residential locksmiths for all your home locksmith and security services.